Youth and studies

When I was 4 years old, my father was promoted and sent to the United States where we will live 8 years in total on two separate stays.

This opportunity enabled me to read and write English at a very young age, and this language remains as easy for me as my native toungue.

Even having lived so young in the USA. I was favorably impressed by American values, and particularly  tenacity, the sense of individual responsibility, and a great attachment to concrete actions.

In France, in 1988, I am admitted to HEC Business school and graduate in 1991. Alumni activities, a modern curriculum, and a strong bond among students made this experience a great moment for me, and more than 25 years after, I remain close to many friends I made back then.

I joined after graduation a company I had long dreamed of getting into: Automobiles PEUGEOT. There begin 14 years of passion in a company that regardless of her ups and downs remains a strong inspirational force in the auto industry. I met there my first mentor who taught me just as much on human relations than on technical issues in sales.